Sunday, September 20, 2009

AP-7 Shadow

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My brother collected all of my black cheese and slope pieces, and I built something with them. The nose goes up and down, and the cockpit is easy to remove. Built in less than one hour!  


Built for quickly dodging oncoming fighters in a dog fight, AP-7 are quick and stealthy. Equipped with all terrain landing gear, they just fly over to the nearest planet, and they can land! When Moderated  

Friday, September 18, 2009


yippie 8


This is not a Ghost ghost FYI if you still think its a ghost look at the link, ghosts are more bulbous, and blocky. The side jets and guns cannot be found on a ghost, and there is no weird blue tube on the hood. Also wings face other the way on a ghost.  

After the Covenent was defeated, they started working on ProjectS, creating a super vehicle, the Spirit. Capable of taking out all vehicles such as mongooses and warthogs, with ground to air homing missiles that can destroy air combat vehicles with ease. With 4 frontal lasers and homing rocket-launcher, these will pose a large threat to the UNSC!

Tekka Croe's elite  

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UNSC vehicle coming soon, I hope!

Yes I know, there is already a spirit, oh well
New stuff, I'm going to upload my halo stuff, and my flattery challenge entry.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cattle skull

Cattle skull
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Don't know why, but this is just full of win, I love it, good job!

I'm Surprised

no-ones done this yet!